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 Meeet me, Hazel :)!

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Meeet me, Hazel :)! Empty
PostSubject: Meeet me, Hazel :)!   Meeet me, Hazel :)! EmptyMon Jul 27, 2009 10:23 am

Hellooo, mah names Ashley, but you can call me Ash, or Hazel withever you preferrr. I am 16 yeaars of age. I'm a junior.

I like to play soccer, skateboard, and hang with freinds. [:

My favorite color is neon green!

I love converse<3 and skinny jeans. (:

My skateboard is A neon green and black Element Board.

I play xbox alot, the games I normaly play are Skate2, and Guitar hero 3 & World tour (:

I love tooo singg. Smile And i think im pretty good at it.

I'm pretty random at times.. i dont know, its just me. Teehe..

Mah best EO fran is named Lexiiis.<3 I love her to death. Razz

My main charater is named Hazlehazle, BUT she got hacked so I am now Skinnyjeans [Rad name right? right? I know]

My favorite type of muisc is either Post-Hardcore or Pop Punk(: Favorite bands are All Time Low, and Attack Attack!<3

buuttt.. thats all I can think of atm! ilyall! (:

pig <-- teehe..
Meeet me, Hazel :)! Yb10

Thats be me! Wooohoo! Rolling Eyes
Meeet me, Hazel :)! Sungla11
Meeet me, Hazel :)! Meeehh10
Another one! Very Happy Lexi wanted me to put it up, lololol.

And down here ish mah baby (: I love him with allll my heart<3 His name is Christian.
Meeet me, Hazel :)! Christ10
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Meeet me, Hazel :)!
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