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 I'm Dutchie :D

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I'm Dutchie :D Empty
PostSubject: I'm Dutchie :D   I'm Dutchie :D EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 4:16 am

Hello all, my name on Utopian Dream is Dutchie, my real name is Jan and no it isn't a girls name.. well maybe in america it is >_< but here in the netherlands it's a common boys name. Smile
On main my IGN is Zodin and I'm lvl 49(almost 50:D)
I'm 20 of age, I'll turn 21 at september 14th! Very Happy

What I do with my life..
I spend time with my girlfriend<3
I spend time with my friends
I play guitar (teached it to myself so yeh you can imagine it's crappy)
I love to play online games, I've tried tons of games but I always seem to come back to EO xD
I go to college(IT)
I love listening to music mostly rock and indy rock but I like almost any kind of music. Smile

Here's a pic of me Smile
I'm Dutchie :D Blz_5_10

That's about it.. I think ;o oh yea english/american isn't my first language so don't flame me on typo's! xD

Cya in game!! Very Happy
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I'm Dutchie :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm Dutchie :D   I'm Dutchie :D EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 5:26 pm

I'mma steel your shirt <3
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I'm Dutchie :D
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